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Vintage Jewellery for the Modern girl. Feminine but edgy with a hint of rock n roll pedigree. These pieces are handpicked from all over the world from Havana~Naples~Morocco~Paris. All the Suzie Wheat pieces come with a spellbinding story & originally owned & loved by the most daringly different, Indedpendent,creative,charismatic girls of their time.

working with me

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Any questions

Would you like to do a collaboration~photography~links~write ups etc?
Want to use some of my pieces to shoot? Would you like a custom order?
 Would you like me to use your 'designs' 'travels' 'things' to 'pair wear' with my 'things' on the blog?
Just ask.

What I Want

To share great pics of your designs and pair them with mine,
 a Suzie Wheat piece (image) needs to be worn with (your work) (image)
I would love to work with independant lingerie designers
I would love to work with designers
I would love to work with photographers
I would love to work with stylists
I would love to work with..........what's your thing?
Please do contact me if you have a brilliant idea for a collabaration
Im open to any ideas, please do get in touch &...


Just email suzie@suziewheatvintage.com

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