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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Old Marquee & Hotel Typography For Your Home

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Seems we are having a love affair with Vintage and all things old, this affection is spilling over onto old Hotel signs, old letters, old hotel signage.
A little romantic, a little industrial and a lot old. I blogged about the Vegas Boneyard back in 2011, after visiting Vegas & only to discover the old Boneyard the day we were leaving!! So too late to visit...BUT we looked this amazing place up online once we were home. The Boneyard is where all the old Vegas signage & neon go to live.

Image taken from my previous post

My interest has peaked again right now as I am having some branding done. So first things first I am having a banner designed which will hit the Etsy Boutique soon. Its all about the typography which is huge right now. So I'm thinking neon lights, old Vegas signs, old cinema screens, a little dark and moody, film noir, and so on.

Letters and signs have never been so cool with a wider trend for typography and a return to old style paper and print.

Like these old signs above which have been salvaged and sell over on Bay City Cargo starting from as little as £6~£46 each, they ship to the UK which is great news for fans.  Mike who owns this big business explains how they sell to film sets to commercial clients & everybody else in between - Nike recently placed a huge order for an in store installation & achingly hip hotel The Box House  New York ordered  multiple versions of FUTURE to use in their trendy loft apartment suites for rent in a really cool area of Brooklyn. Bay City Cargo has a huge selection of old, vintage and new letters & signs, you will be spoiled for choice.

Closer to home there are online places like In the Woodshed an amazing online emporium with a vast range of old letters and signage at very reasonable prices, alongside old vintage & industrial lighting and furniture you will be spoiled for choice!

Also closer to home and online see elemental.uk.com - re-foundobjects.com - signsforhomes.co.uk - thefrenchhouse.co.uk in your search for unique signage and letters for your home, business or your loved one.

To find the amazing signage above go over to the chic Parisian online store Kidimo which specialises and only sells vintage letters!
Keep a look out for all letter based objects at your local boot fairs, auction houses, antique fairs, you never know what you may find along the way. Places I visit often in my search for vintage/antique jewellery and artifacts for my Etsy boutique.

And remember the fun is in the search and the adventures you will have in your search.
If you require any further advice then please contact me suzie@suziewheatvintage.com

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