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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Using wearing and loving vintage

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Vintage is an often used term, overly used and almost bastardised!

I have lovingly worn vintage for many years, I guess for me it was to have something a little different but also because i found lots of vintage era's seemed to be cut for someone with healthy curves - just like me.

My love affair with vintage continues to this day.

BUT...since the recent explosion of 'vintage' with everyone wanting to 'own'it, it seems that some are taking the dressing almost literally and living and dressing like a caricature from the '40's! I'm not getting this at all, the whole idea of vintage is to use and dress it with your own version and taste. Mix your little tea dress with a pair of bright raspberry tights as seen in image to the left. Rock the pretty up with a pair of high ankle boots and little battered leather jacket.

Or even keep the whole look demure but accessorise with wild bedhair and thoroughly modern jewellry.

The whole point of vintage is to 'look a little different' from a head to toe high st or if your purse stretches to it - head to toe designer look.

I have read blogs and seen images where some vintage fans are wearing a vintage look copied from the pages of 1940's Vogue, from the shoes to the make-up to the hair!! Please.

Take the Vintage at Goodwood Festival last August

Once the festival had ended there was a noisy uproar from some quarters, stating how some people had not gone head to toe in vintage or even how some had worn fun wigs with their outfit?

Remember vintage should be fun. Integrated with your life and your own take on fashion.

Most of all Enjoy

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