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Vintage Jewellery for the Modern girl. Feminine but edgy with a hint of rock n roll pedigree. These pieces are handpicked from all over the world from Havana~Naples~Morocco~Paris. All the Suzie Wheat pieces come with a spellbinding story & originally owned & loved by the most daringly different, Indedpendent,creative,charismatic girls of their time.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

top 16 vintage pieces

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"At a flea market, I always head for the Vintage Costume Jewellery table first" Ethel Merman

 I wanted to share images of my current favourite and coveted 16 vintage pieces.
My passion for vintage/antique started as a young girl, visiting junk shops, museums and flea markets. I was always drawn to the unusual and pretty pieces.
As an adult i wanted to know about the era each piece had come from this research took me off in all directions. Just like grown up story telling, I would learn how for instance due to the second world war and a shortage of materials jewellery designers incorporated Resin, Bakelite and Lucite into their designs.

My story research told me how the Ballet Russe, art movements such as Art Deco and the arts such as Cubism and Dadoism helped form and worked closely alongside. Jewellery took inspiration from Costume Design and some Fashion Design took into account the explosion of Costume Jewellery.

Today I'm an avid jewellery collector, with my passion encompassing textiles, art and clothing. I wanted to  share my pieces availabe to purchase- through my website. Even so some pieces are so hard to let go and the story and history that comes but sharing also gives me great pleasure.

I love vintage because every piece has a story from past owners to be guessed at, and the signs of being lovilngly worn add character and originality.

I'm going to let the images speak for themselves!

In the meantime before the shopping cart is added, if anything does interest you or you would like to point your man in this direction as a prompt for Valentine.
Then please message me suzie@suziewheatvintage.com

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