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Vintage Jewellery for the Modern girl. Feminine but edgy with a hint of rock n roll pedigree. These pieces are handpicked from all over the world from Havana~Naples~Morocco~Paris. All the Suzie Wheat pieces come with a spellbinding story & originally owned & loved by the most daringly different, Indedpendent,creative,charismatic girls of their time.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Things that have been inspiring me

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Beauty is all around us we just need to open up our eyes

Necklace coming soon to the shop

I use images to inspire me everyday. While I'm working on designs for the new collection my favourite images will spring to mind & will flavour my work. Perhaps through my use of colour. Perhaps the feel & vibe. Maybe travels. Definitely travels & adventures, my own & others.  Its a big world with lots to see, feel, touch in fact fill all of our senses.

  1. Love the feeling from this image, great times, great party, friends.  The patterns, florals, feminine but tough. The nonchalance of the way the girls dress is always attractrive. The Geisha/Asian influence. Gets me thinking which of my pieces would i give them to wear pair with those fabulous outfits......

2. Neon. Lights.Vintage. Boardwalks. Speakeasy's. It's all in the association.  Came across this image via the NeonBoneyard, a pleasureplace full of disused Vegas signs.  Can't believe I missed this on my Vegas trip.

3. GlitterBall. Disco. MirrorBall. This little lovely sits in my workshop. Catches the sunlight enchantingly. Inspires me to create mirror laser cut pieces. Coming soon....

4. Art. Creativity & creative people. Found this via Etsy and the shop is called TastesOrangey. I love the brushstrokes and life that the artist brings to her paintings. Take a look there are some fabulous stuff there.......

5. Travels.Heat. Cultures especially the vibrancy of Havana. Colourful people. Exciting history. Ballet Russe. Music. I loved visiting Havana. We stayed here Hotel Inglaterra, not 5 star but real Old Havana. You could almost still see Josephine Baker & Al Capone sat at the bar here and could definitely see the old gunshot wounds on the building across the square!   

6. Metallics. Glitter. Charcoal & Pastels. All of this + make~up equals goodness. This 'stuff' inspires as to "what piece is gonna go with sunkissed cheeks, freckles, beach hair, bare lashes and finger applied straight from the pot~Charcoal glitter shadow??

7.  Jose Romussi ~ his dancers mixed media. I admire his talent & vision. Inpsiring me are people like Jose who SEE beauty and just enhances with his vision of beauty & pattern & colour. You really need to go take a look at his incredible work Flikr. You will be inspired!.... see here

8. Zimmermann~ just because..... their Tumblr is packed full of snapshots such as Whale Beach below. Oh and because their swimwear carries the best cuts, fabulous print & florals.  Their Tumblr draws on everything surrounding them plus lots of flowers. Plus lots of amazing beach pics which just transport you and in doing so you get the image of yourself wearing one of their fabulous creations.....see more of their inspiration here 

Whale Beach via Zimmermann

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