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Friday, 15 June 2012

Vegas in Vintage Neon

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'Las Vegas is a city of kickbacks. A desert city of greased palms.  A place where a $20 bill can buy approval, a $100 dollar bill adulation and $1000 dollar bill canonization' Casino

The above qoute from the fabulous Scorcese movie Casino kind of sums up Vegas.  Its like nowhere I have ever been. It is what it is.......Not normally my kind of place, Las Vegas had never featured on my must go to list.  But that was before I met my now husband!

Let me briefly explain ~ we met at the largest European Elvis Festival, neither of us massive fans of Elvis, albeit I did swoon over Elvis as a little girl, in his movies such as Blue Hawaii (my favourite). 

Anyway after discovering a mutual love of music, movies & directors, we ended staying up till dawn discussing a film script!  As you do? Vegas was mentioned by the handsome guy I had met.  The conversation ended by him saying how it would be dangerous for us to visit Vegas.  I was puzzled until he explained how we would probably wake one morning ...married!

So 18 months later off we went to marry in Vegas, at the Little Church of the West.  The very chapel Elvis marries in the movie Viva Las Vegas.
As we were leaving and too late to visit we heard about The Neon Boneyard a wonderous place where all the old signage goes to live out the rest of their days.

After marrying of course we had the car take us to The Sign ~ below

A glimpse of her wedding dress & shoes & his Paul Smith suit & brogues ~ below

Old Wedding Chapel signage resting place The Neon Boneyard

Daytime Vegas Boulevard

More from The Neon Boneyard

Neon Art for the wall ~ yes please

Heart Sole Stickers

I love neon and I'm lusting after a piece all of my own to hang on a wall at home!

Vegas Boulevard backdrop

Vegas Water Hydrant
We had an amazing time at Las Vegas you could say a unique experience made even more special by getting married but also by a memorable stay at the Bellagio.....

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